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07-26-2006, 04:03 PM

I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rob Caldwell and I own the HomeVestors office for Savannah, Georgia. www.savannah.homevestors.com (http://savannah.homevestors.com)

We buy and sell 50 to 60 houses every year. However, only about ten percent of the houses we see hit our buy trigger which is somewhere around 65% of the as-is value. This leaves us walking away from a considerable amount of houses that could be bought at 90 or 80 or even 70 cents on the dollar! We are very interested in working with other local investors who are interested in these excess leads. We work very closely with investors and will help you throughout the entire process. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these leads.

We are also looking for help!


Acquisition Specialist / Buyer

We are a team! A team of Real Estate Professionals in a unique and diverse Real Estate Business. Our business is growing and we are enlarging our team! We advertise heavily through billboards, TV, internet, radio, etc. in the Savannah area to purchase homes in order to rehab them and resell them on the market. We are a reputable company and belong to a franchise with over 250 offices nationwide.

We are looking for a team player for the position of Acquisition Specialist / Buyer of real estate property. You will be trained on how to identify and profitably buy real estate property. This is a unique position that requires a certain personality profile. Not everyone can do this job! We are not looking for active real estate agents, but perhaps, a non-active real estate agent looking for something different. You must be highly committed and self-motivated!


You will work directly with Sellers of Real Estate
You must listen to their needs and concerns as they come first
You will negotiate contracts for the purpose of purchasing these properties for our company
You must know and understand real estate
You should have a basic understanding of construction and be capable of determining and estimating repairs
You must have basic computer skills and understand the importance of research
You must be a team player!
You should be Committed, Responsible, and Accountable


Must know how to set goals and keep them
Must have good experience with the internet and email
Previous Real Estate Experience is a PLUS!
Knowledge of construction and renovation repairs is a PLUS!
Must be personable and friendly
Must be able to work under stress
Must have dependable transportation
Must be open to new ideas as well as contribute yours to the team

Commission only with incentives and bonuses

Rob Caldwell
Caldwell Marketing and Development, LLC


email: rob.caldwell@homevestors.com
phone: 912.351.0291

07-26-2006, 05:58 PM
If Rob finds such a person I plan to steal them.

Hello Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Never Settle For Less!!! I heard that somewhere....

Hello Howard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!